En los últimos tiempos es común que bajo la guía de un desarrollador inmobiliario, varios inversionistas extranjeros pongan dinero en un proyecto de inversión inmobiliaria. Generalmente, este tipo de negocios se desarrolla en áreas urbanas clasificadas como económicamente deprimidas, pero que están ubicadas geográficamente muy cerca de áreas bien consideradas.

El programa EB-5 ofrece los siguientes beneficios para aquellos que solicitan y buscan vivir y trabajar en los Estados Unidos.

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  • There are no specific requirements regarding age, work experience or language.

  • The program does not require investors to manage their investment on a daily basis. As a partner and investor, you have the freedom to pursue different work and personal opportunities.

  • The investor does not have to be continuously present in the United States and can maintain professional and business relationships in their home country.

  • The investor does not have to live in the city or state where his EB-5 is located.

  • The investor has the freedom to travel outside the United States and return without the need for a visa.

  • Employment authorization is not required to accept a job.

  • The investor can sponsor family members.

  • The investor and their family can enjoy permanent resident education benefits such as admission to state universities by paying the resident fee.

  • The investor will have the opportunity to become a US citizen once they have been a permanent resident and domiciled for more than five years.

Important note: The information mentioned here is only intended as general information. It cannot be taken as legal advice. Consultation with a licensed immigration attorney is necessary for specific, comprehensive, and legal advice on your particular case.

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